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Finance Department

Finance Department

Plac Bankowy 3/5, 00-950 Warszawa

Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m


Marta Niedzielska

Department Director:

tel. + 48 226956358


Anna Czaplicka

Department Deputy Director:

tel. + 48 226956358





 Secretary’s Office of the Finance Department - room No. 213

tel. +48 226956358, 226956379,

fax. +48 226202375


Department’s tasks:

  • preparing the projects of the Governor’s budget and out-budget economy
  • preparing the executive scheme for the budget according to the budget classification
  • division between the individual organizational unit the general revenues and expenses
  • preparing the projects of changes in budget under the rights of the Governor
  • supervision under the disposers of II and III degree in the field of executing the budget
  • preparing the collective reports on the Governor’s budget execution and out-budget execution
  • supervision under the budget execution
  • conducting the matters related to funding the tasks in the field of government administration and other tasks mandated, performed by the territorial self-government units
  • providing the territorial self-government units with the information on anticipated amount of designated subsidies for financing the tasks in the field of the government administration
  • conducting the accounting and preparing the reports
  • submitting the application for control/audit
  • conducting the matters related to the receivables and liabilities of the National Treasury
  • financial and accounting service for the assets of European funds
  • conducting the matters related to issuing the administrative decisions in the field of penalty notices
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