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Social Policy Department

Social Policy Department

Social Policy Department

Czerniakowska 44, 00-717 Warszawa

Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m


Marcin Wodziński

Department Director:

 tel. + 48 226957100 

 fax. + 48 226957101


Anna Olszewska

Department Deputy Director:

tel. + 48 225360541

fax + 48 225360542





 Secretary's Office of the Social Policy Department – room No. 15

tel. +48 226957100

fax +48 226957101


Department’s Tasks:

  • conducting the affairs concerning the supervision and control of the tasks in the field of social welfare, family benefits and counteracting family violence, performed by the units of the territorial self-government
  • supervising the conformity of the rules of employing the employees of the social welfare organizational units of the territorial self-government with the required qualifications
  • coordinating and carrying out the social policy governmental programmes
  • granting permits to run social welfare houses, care and educational centres and centres providing all day long care for the disabled, chronically ill or elderly people
  • coordinating actions in terms of integrating the people with the refugee status with the society or supplementary protection
  • supervising realization of the tasks in scope of the labour market
  • giving licences to the employment exchange centres or vocational counsellors
  • conducting the affairs concerning the status of the workplaces for the disabled people and the vocational activation centres as well as controlling those entities in terms of fulfilment of the requirements specified in the Act on social and occupational rehabilitation of the disabled people
  • conducting the affairs concerning supervision over the poviat teams for determining the degree of disability
  • keeping a register of the centres and a register of the organizers of the rehabilitation treatment as well as controlling
  • conducting the affairs concerning the war veterans and victims of oppression
  • conducting the affairs concerning the protection and maintenance of the post-war graves, cemeteries and the sites of national remembrance
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