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Residence card

What documents do I need to submit?

In order to apply for the issue or replacement of the car, you should submit:

  •  1 copy of a completed application (download the form )
  •  one 35 x 45 mm up-to-date colour photograph of the person the person looking straight ahead, permanently attached to the application by sticking it in the relevant place (the photograph should show the person without a headdress or glasses with dark lenses, with eyes open and not covered with hair, with a natural face expression and closed mouth and with face being evenly illuminated; a person with a sight defect wearing glasses with dark lenses may attach photographs of her/him wearing glasses with dark lenses; a person wearing a headdress due to the requirements of her/his religion may attach the photographs of her/him wearing a headdress, but the headdress may not prevent the identification of the person)
  • a valid travel document (in justifiable cases, if you do not have and cannot obtain a travel document, you may present another document confirming your identity instead of a valid travel document)
  • valid confirmation of registered residence
  • documents that are necessary to confirm the data and circumstances provided in the application, e.g. in the event of:

the loss of the document – a police certificate of notification of loss

the change of the place of residence – confirmation of registration at a new place of residence. If you cannot register herself/himself at her/his current place of residence, you should submit a declaration on this fact (the card will be printed without the address)

the change of personal data (change of the name, spelling of parents' names or place of birth, etc.) – registry office records, court judgements confirming the above-mentioned facts.

When submitting the photocopies of the required documents, you should present the originals.


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